5 Reasons to Call Today!

Wondering what makes us so special? Consider the following five reasons to call today.

1. THE Carpet Cleaners You Can Trust

  • It is tough to trust anyone these days. That is why we have sex offender and criminal background checks performed on all of our staff.
    • We have been certified by the global authority on carpet cleaning and textile cleaning, The CleanTrust.org.
    • We are a Clean Trust Certified Firm and opperate under their code of ethics.
    • We are here to stay with a track record of 4 plus years in business and $1,000,000 in liability insurance keep you safe.
The Villages, Florida and Ocala, Florida Carpet Cleaners You Can Trust


  • Family owned. Learn about young man who started it all.
  • Internationally certified in carpet and textile cleaning.
  • Backgrounds, customer service, and quality have all been examined and approved.

2. Rated #1 in The Villages!

  • We are the #1 carpet cleaner in the Villages, Lady Lake, and Belleview, Florida according to InsiderPages.com all thanks to customers just like you!
  • Average customer rating of 5 our of 5. We are always anxious to know what our customers think of us. Thus we send a request to each customer asking them to review us or provide feedback on their experience with us. Needless to say we are thrilled that the result has been an average rating of 5 out of 5!
The Villages, Florida #1 Rated Carpet Cleaners
Rated #1


    You will not be disappointed with this service. Andrew and Charlie cleaned my carpet and tile in my home and I was impressed with both. [Set aside] some extra time as they are so thorough they won't leave until they are satisfied - Lori Y. (Home Owner)

3. Money Back Guarantee

  • So many of our customers have not just liked our carpet cleaning but LOVED IT! For that reason we now offer a money back guarantee for all residential customers. If you aren't satisfied we always like a chance to correct the situation. If we can't correct the problem and make you happy, we provide a 100% refund.
The Villages, Florida and Ocala, Florida Carpet Cleaners Money Back Guarantee
Money Back


The Villages, Florida and Ocala, Florida Carpet Cleaning Service


  • Preserves carpet health and manufacturer's warranty because our carpet cleaning methods are internationally approved.
  • Protect your carpet from growing smelly mold and bacteria with rapid drying times. Standard carpet cleanings dry in four hours or less!


The Villages, Florida and Ocala, Florida Grout Cleaning Service
  • We use the industry's best sealers so your grout cleanings last years and years.
  • One 32 ounce bottle of super concentrated tile and grout cleaning detergent is include FREE with every tile and grout cleaning to protect your professional grade sealer for years to come!


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4. Free Demonstration

  • We will clean your worst spot for free so you can see the quality of our work. Nine times out of ten, once you see the quality of our carpet cleaning services you won't want to hire anyone else!

5. Get a Spotter Bottle Free

The Villages, Florida and Ocala, Florida Carpet Cleaning Spotter
  • We can make a free estimate over the phone. However, we prefer to meet people face to face so we can provide a free demo. So for a limited time if you schedule a free carpet cleaning demo or grout cleaning demo we will give you a professional grade spotter bottle for FREE!
  • Our ENCAP GREEN spotter:
    • Is TOUGH ON STAINS but safe for synthetic carpet.
    • Won't leave a sticky residue or cause you carpet to soil more quickly like some retail spotters.
    • Has professional grade cleaning power!


  • Most of Marion, Lake, and Sumter County, Florida including:
    • The Villages, Florida
    • Lady Lake, Florida
    • Ocala, Florida
    • Belleview, Florida
    • Marion Oaks, Florida
    • Wildwood, Florida
    • And more...

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